Unsinkable Sam™

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This plugin pack was built entirely by a single developer, and while I have tested it, it is possible there could still be bugs and I want you to help me find them:)

If there are ANY issues with the plugin please email me at cody@moltentone.com

Molten Tone's First 
AI Driven
Plugin Pack

Molten Tone's first ever plugin pack features the

Unsinkable Sam™ 3 channel amp simulator and its

4 channel OD pedal Instant Hot Water™

Unsinkable Sam™

  •  3 Channel Amp Sim

    • Clean​

    • Rhythm

    • Lead

  • 4 Band Preamp Tone Stack

    • Bass - 300hz​

    • Low Mid - 600hz

    • High Mid - 1200hz

    • Treble - 2400hz

  • High Cut Post-Amp​

  • Input Gain Control

  • Output Level Control

Instant Hot Water™

  •  4 Distinct OD Heats

    • Blue 

    • Yellow

    • Orange

    • Red

  • Preamp Tone Control

  • Input Gain Control

  • Output Level Control

Developed as separate plugins for maximum flexibility, you can use Instant Hot Water™ 

with Unsinkable Sam™ or pair it with any other amp simulation plugin in your arsenal,

we don't want to bog down your creativity, just provide high quality tools for the job

Plugin Demos
Blue OD + Clean
Yellow OD + Clean
Orange OD + Clean
Red OD + Clean

Using Fishman Fluence Keith Merrow Bridge Voice 1

Using Fishman Fluence Classic Neck Voice 1

Video Links


The Origin of "Unsinkable Sam"

Click the link under the image to read his full story, but Oscar, later renamed to Unsinkable Sam, was a cat in WWII who survived THREE ships sinking. We wanted to honor him with a 3 channel amp that had a touch of his likeness in the design.

  • Supported Operating Systems

    • Windows 10​ (No security certificate for installer, windows will warn the app is from unknown publisher, simply have to press "Yes" first before installer launches to acknowledge this)

    • Mac OSX (Installer is registered with apple, no additional steps necessary)

  • Current Formats

    • VST3

    • AU

  • Channel Config​

    • Only mono-to-mono is supported right now​

      • I have seen logic show mono-to-stereo but do not choose this it will cause issues​

  • Sampling Rate

    • 44100

      • Currently only supporting 44.1K sampling rate, however 48k should work without any audio artifacts

  • Block Size

    • 512 recommended

    • ​Other block sizes should work fine, but the tone quality is independent of ​the block size. So increasing it will not improve tone quality but it may reduce CPU load. Same with decreasing block size, will not change tone quality but may increase CPU load

  • CPU load

    • This plugin utilizes a deep learning (neural network) backend ​to drive the tone, so it is a little CPU intensive. A more efficient network is already in the works and will be released with some additional features added to the plugin. 

    • IF you find the CPU load to be an issue, it is recommended to save/write/bounce the track so you can turn off the plugin when you are not actively using it. ALSO if you find this to be an issue, please email me at cody@moltentone.com, I may ask you to try some of the more efficient networks on your system :)

Known Bugs

  • When adding another plugin to the signal chain sometimes the channels will reset to default (Clean in Unsinkable Sam™, and blue in Instant Hot Water™), but all other parameters stay the same

Upcoming Features

  • Support for AAX 

  • More efficient neural network backend 

  • its a surprise :)